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Bluebird Tea Co. Christmas Review

When it comes to Christmas I love the little things, like the weather changing, people’s excitement building, Starbucks limited edition treats and new bath goodies at Lush but most of all I look forward to the Bluebird Christmas exclusives! This year sees the return of…

1st December 2016
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Top 20 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Whenever I have a birthday coming up and someone wants to know what to get me I always just say “anything tea related is cool please”. Then it occurred to me that my friends and family that aren’t in to tea still don’t really…

18th November 2016
Green Tea Matcha Tea Reviews

Review of PureChimp Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Hey! Today I’ll be reviewing PureChimp’s ceremonial grade matcha, which they were awesome enough to send me. I’m always on the look out for new matcha to try, so I was thrilled to receive this a couple of weeks ago! 🙂 Now I’ve spent some…

10th November 2016