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How Much Do I Love My Blackberry Mallow Forleaves Tea?!

26th May 2015

This week I was lucky enough to receive some samples from Forleaves Tea Company, read on to find out what I think of them!

Forleaves Tea Company is based in Leicestershire. The ethos behind Forleaves Tea Company is to “encourage everyone to take a moment in their day to slow down a little, take time to create something special”, their tea is certainly perfect for this very thing! Forleaves Tea Company is a home based business, which is fantastic and their tea really does have a homely feel to it.

The flavours I received were:

No.27 Blackberry Mallow

No.10 Orange Blossom

No 15 Flower Blossom

No. 10 Lavender White Tea

The package arrived well packed and the presentation of the tea is really smart. Each tea comes in a sealed pouch, which you cut open and then you’re left with a ziplock to seal the freshness in after each infusion. I’m really impressed with the quality of the tea, the leaves are big and they smell fantastic. I decided that these teas are worth a review for each flavour so this will be the first of 4.


Tea Info

Tea Loose

The first tea I’ll be reviewing is No.27 Blackberry Mallow. This blend has a base of Assam black tea and China green tea which are entangled perfectly, the sweetness is thanks to the natural Blackberry flavouring. Forleaves Tea Company describe the tea as being “Malty Assam flavour with a blackberry & mallow sweetness”, sounds like a match made in heaven! They rate it as 5 (strong black tea) which I’d say is pretty spot on, I prefer a weaker amber toned tea so a lot goes a long way.


The flavour

Prepared Tea

As soon as I opened the teas I got straight in to steeping the Blackberry Mallow and WOW the smell blew me away, just gorgeous. You can smell that wonderfully intoxicating smell of good quality black tea but it’s softened by the blackberry tones, I really couldn’t wait to take my first sip. Immediately I tasted the perfect blackberry flavour. When the tea is made to the optimal strength you can almost forget the malty black tea is there because the blackberry is really strong, which is a magical balance.

Forleaves Tea Company suggest adding milk to a stronger cup. I basically never add milk to tea, mainly because I only drink soya and it’s not great in tea, but I could imagine if you were milk friendly it would taste great in this tea.



I definitely suggest you try this tea, I love black tea and the Assam paired with the blackberry is so comforting to drink, like a big hug in a mug! 🙂 If you prefer a more traditional flavour and aim for unflavoured black tea, you might find the blackberry overpowering but that smooth Assam flavour is wonderful. This tea is a fun tea, with the blackberry mallow it’s sweet and doesn’t take itself too seriously, a quality I like in a tea! 😉


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I’d like to give a huge thumbs up to Forleaves Tea Company for providing these teas for me to review, check them out and be sure to come back for the review of the other three flavours!

Tried any interesting teas lately? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below 🙂 xXx



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Gently Stirred Tea Tasting! Russtea’s Review

19th May 2015

A few days ago I was sent some samples from Gently Stirred.

I opened my package and I was blown away by the care that had gone in to packing this for me. It was beautifully wrapped in green tissue paper and had a string tied in a bow. It looked like a present you’d receive from a good friend and I really fell in love with the presentation and attention to detail of the package. There was also a printed catalogue and small information sheets for each tea, you just don’t get such a personal service anywhere else!

The Flavours

I received Cucumber & Orange Marmalade, which is a black loose tea with character! I was also given a tea bag of Uki Uki which is a black tea with a tropical fruit flavour, amazing or what?! The third tea I sampled was Saint Clement’s Green Tea, this was also in teabag form.

The Taste

Cucumber & Orange Marmalade Bag

Cucumber & Orange Marmalade

I decided to get stuck in straight away with the cucumber and marmalade, I was a little hesitant about the cucumber but also really excited to try something different. The smell of the tea is very strong, it overpowered the smell of the others. The pieces of cucumber and orange are HUGE, I’ve never seen such big bits of fruit in tea before!

I began steeping the tea and watched as the water turned a beautiful amber colour, the cucumber and orange erupted out of the mug. I steeped the tea for 2-3 minutes using one teaspoon of tea and it was just the right strength.

Saint Clement's Teabag

Saint Clement’s Green Tea

This is a gently fragrant tea made using Gently Stirred’s popular Pai Mu Tan as a base. Added to the Pai Mu Tan are oranges, lemons and bergamot oil. Green tea is renowned for it’s health benefits which is an added bonus with Saint Clement’s. It has a slightly floral taste, which usually I’m not a fan of but this was different, it was there just enough to sweeten the blend, without feeling like you’re actually eating flowers.

The tea turned a slightly pink colour and smells fantastic every time you take a sip. I used my teabag 3 times and all three mugs were different, the first was sweetest and then the other 2 were more savoury but just as delicious. The other thing I could detect was a herbal taste which was really lush!



Uki uki

Uki Uki

The third tea was a black tea with tropical fruit called Uki Uki, this was an absolute dream. Instantly it smells like a tropical paradise, or at least how I’d expect a tropical paradise to smell :p . It tastes so sweet and is so addictive, unbelievably fruity, even to the point where the fruit is stronger than the black tea, which is really rare. There’s also no bitterness, even if it’s steeped to quite a dark strength, I assume this must be due to the sheer amount of the succulent fruit flavour that’s packed in.

My boyfriend said that he felt that the tea had a slight spicyness to it which I didn’t really detect, it became less sweet when we made additional mugs with the same teabag but that’s to be expected, and all of them were immensely pleasant.



Overall I was thrilled with these teas, I love it when I find something a little different and these flavours really are unique. There’s just a handcrafted pleasantly warm feeling to all of three of the teas Gently Stirred sent me. I’d like to thank Gently Stirred for giving me the chance to try these three teas and I urge you to go and check them out!

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You can check out Gently Stirred’s website here.

What teas have you found that are a bit different? 🙂 xXx


Life With The Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass

13th May 2015

A while ago I purchased a Libre loose leaf tea glass and have been living with it by my side for the last few weeks. Read on to find out what I think, is this the best tea glass with built in infuser?

The Feel

It feels great! What makes this different to other tea flasks I’ve tried is it features a durable poly carbonate exterior but a glass interior. The lid and infuser are also BPA free so the flask really is almost as good as an all glass flask. The massive benefit this tea flask has over a flask with an all glass construction is it’s durability, it just doesn’t feel as vulnerable in day to day life as an all glass flask. All round the quality is good, the lid and infuser both screw on firmly and haven’t leaked in the time I’ve had with it.

The Use

I’ve really enjoyed using the Libre loose leaf tea glass, it’s so easy to use, remains cool to touch and keeps my tea warm for ages! The built in infuser is good quality but a few smaller bits do make it through as it’s not very fine, not a deal breaker though.

It’s Biggest Advantage

One of the greatest advantages of it is you have a choice of how you want to brew your tea! You can use it like most other tea infusing glasses/flasks, by unscrewing the lid and the infuser, adding the tea, screwing the infuser back on and adding the water, easier but can result in tea that’s too strong. Alternatively you can take off the lid and add the tea on top of the infuser, screw the lid back on, then unscrew the lid and infuser, add water, screw the lid and infuser back on and turn the flask upside down until the tea is your desired strength (see the image below, writing makes it sound over complicated!). Finally you flip it the correct way up, unscrew the lid and infuser and you have the tea your desired strength. I decided myself that I would just use it like all my other flasks and add the tea directly in to the chamber, rather than the flipping upside down method.

Libre Instructions


The Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass is really good, it has a solid construction, doesn’t leak and works well. It also comes in two sizes, I went for the large size which holds 420ml as I want more tea per time spent preparing. I do really wish it could go in the dishwasher but sadly it can’t (I have finally found a tea flask that can, review coming soon!).  It also looks really stylish and is sure to be a great conversation starter round the office. Overall I’d say buy buy buy! 🙂

You can get both sizes of the Libre tea glass on Amazon, the smaller size is available here.

The larger size which I reviewed is available here.

Since I reviewed this glass a mug version has also become available which is much the same as above but with a handle, you’ll find that here.


As always I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, if you have join my mailing list for more tea joy! Have you found a better tea flask? 🙂


Iced Tea Recipes Tea Reviews

10 Iced Tea Recipes To Celebrate The Sun!

5th May 2015


1. Mango Iced Tea

Mango Iced Tea















I LOVE mangos and this mango iced tea looks fantastic. Courtesy of Veg Recipes of India


2. Lemon, mint and passion fruit

I found this one on


3. Strawberry Basil

This looks awesome and I’m sure the basil will make it immensely refreshing. You’ll find this on


4. Matcha Mint

Matcha Mint Iced Tea














The mint in this will really cool you down, throw in some Matcha and you’ll get a health boost too! You can find the recipe here.


6. Bubbly Mint Lime Iced Tea

Bubbly Mint Lime Iced Tea










Nothing will feel better on a sunny day than mint and lime, super refreshing. You can find the recipe here.


7. Blueberry Iced Green Tea

Blueberry Iced Green Tea 500 6487










This looks lush, I love blueberries and often drink ceylon blueberry tea from Tea People. This recipe gives you all the health benefits of green tea but with a super sweet blueberry flavour! The full recipe is on Closet Cooking.


8. Vanilla Matcha Iced Latte









The matcha craze is spreading fast so I couldn’t resist including a matcha iced latte. The recipe is from Bluebird Tea Co. and they sell top quality matcha!


9. Strawberry Chocolate Iced Tea (OMG!).

Chocolate Strawberry Iced tea


















This courtesy of Melissa Hartfiel, full recipe on her blog.


10. Sparkling Raspberry Iced Tea, the lazy way 😉

Sparkling Raspberry Iced Tea









If you don’t have time for the above recipes you can cheat here! :p


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have some great weather so you can try out these recipes.

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