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Top 15 Coolest Tea Mugs

30th March 2016

Hey guys!

I’ve got a bit of a problem, I’m a mug collecting addict! I literally don’t have enough room for them all and I’m starting to have to store them on the side as there’s not enough space in the cupboards. So I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favourites!

They’re in no order really, just 15 that I think are worth sharing. I’ll add to the list as time goes by 🙂




Crossbow Mug


1. Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Crossbow Mug – This season of The Walking Dead is quite possibly it’s finest and this mug is hella awesome!


Westeros Stacking Mugs



2. Game of Thrones Westeros Stacking Mugs – So this is technically 3 mugs but it has to be to fit a glorious map of Westeros on them 😀



I don't even think straight

3. “I don’t even think straight” – One of my personal favourites, it always gets people talking and pretty much sums me up!



Toilet Mug

4. Jumbo Toilet Mug – This probably isn’t a mug everyone would want but it sure will put a smile on the face of everyone in the office, especially if you drink black or green tea 😉 Just make sure your boss doesn’t see it!



Morning Wake Up

5. Morning Wake Up Colour Changing Mug – This mug is so damn cute! When it’s empty the mug is black and sleeping, add the water and the mug wakes up, delightful!


Star Wars6. R2-D2 Giant Mug – This was one of the first large mugs I bought, I figured the bigger the mug, the more tea I could drink! Disney’s merch is always such good quality and long lasting, you know you want it 😉


Whittard Infuser Mug7. Whittard of Chelsea Pao Infuser Mug In Teal – This is a real beauty, you get a lovely quality mug with lid and the best infuser I have, it also fits any mug. I have it in dark blue but the Teal is cuter 😉



Magisso Tilting Tea Cup

8. Magisso Tilting Tea Cup – This is so simple but so clever! Tilt it one way to infuse and then tilt it the other way to stop infusing when the tea is your desired strength, genius!




9. Jake The Dog Adventure Time 3D Mug -I’m not the biggest fan of adventure time but my boyfriend loves it and this mug is pretty damn cool either way!


Knuckles Mug

10. Brass Knuckles / Knuckle Dusters mug. Possibly not everyones ‘cup of tea’ but definitely one of my fav cups for tea! :p


Lens Mug11. Camera Lens Mug – This is one for the geeks, which is why I love it so much. Tea and tech <3


Ninja Mug12. Tasse Ninja Mug – This is a little bit special actually, it has a mug with an amazing black ninja mask, a ninja star as a coaster and a ninja sword handled spoon included.


Tetris13. Tetris Colour Changing Mug – I really love colour changing mugs, especially ones where it’s not that obvious, some are so blatant even when the mug is cold. This is a massive flashback to my Gameboy years, battling with my brother for the highest score!



Wimports Infuser Mug


14. Wimports Glass Tea Mug with Infuser – It’s all about loose leaf tea for me so a mug with a built in infuser is always at the front of my cupboard. This one’s awesome as the lid doubles as a holder for the infuser once your tea is the way you like it.


Billy Mug15. Saw Sculpted Mug – I’ll finish with a horror themed mug, my collection wouldn’t be complete without this horrific beauty!


So that’s 15 of my most favourite mugs, what are your favourite mugs? I’d love to hear in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post I’d really appreciate it if you could please share it! 🙂

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Thanks so much! xXx

Fruit Tea Green Tea Reviews

A review of Sencha Spring Melody tea from the fabulous Gently Stirred

21st March 2016

I LOVE Gently Stirred and their passion for good tea. The first thing I always notice is the care that’s taken to produce a beautiful, personal moment with every purchase. They go above and beyond with hand wrapping in stylish brown and green packaging, that has a wholesome and friendly feel to it.

Onto the tea! Recently I was lucky enough to try the aptly named Sencha Spring Melody, a super sweet smelling strawberry green tea. Before I even opened the package I could smell the smell of fresh strawberries, when I was a kid me and my mum would always go strawberry picking and the smell of this tea takes me right back to those trips 🙂 As always this tea from Gently Stirred is made up of super quality loose leaf tea with succulent dried strawberry in abundance.

When the water hits the tea things step up a gear; the strawberry smell erupts out as the water turns an inviting golden colour. The taste is fantastic, really sweet but with a definite green tea flavour as well, with absolutely no bitterness. This is a great tea to drink after dinner if you’re trying to steer clear of the calories that pudding brings!

Close up

Sencha Spring Melody is also awesome iced, I’m really looking forward to drinking it in the Spring and Summer, although I’ve been drinking it iced in the winter too 😛

Anyway I’m guessing you’ve realised by now that I like this tea, A LOT and I’d definitely recommend taking a look at Gently Stirred’s website and trying it for yourself.

Comment with any teas you’d like me to review or that you recommend I try and come say hi on Twitter, Instagram etc.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 xXx

Black Tea Fruit Tea Tea Reviews

Russtea’s review of Hope & Glory Tea

12th March 2016

Last week I was sent some new tea by Hope & Glory to review for you guys 🙂

They sent me 3 flavours which were Chamomile, Masala Chai and English breakfast. Also included was some of their loose Red Velvet tea.

full selection(web ready)



I started out with Chamomile which smells wonderfully floral and creates a golden yellow tea. I found this blend to be sweeter than other chamomile teas which aren’t usually my favourite flavour, so this is a good improvement. The packet suggests adding a spoon of honey to sweeten it but I didn’t really find this to be necessary. I was able to get two infusions out of one teabag which is pretty good going!

Chamomile is known for it’s relaxing properties, making it a great tea for the end of a busy work day or before bed. I left some of the second mug of tea to try cold and it was really refreshing, making it a good choice for the spring.


Masala Chai

Next up is Masala Chai. As soon as I opened the packet the vibrant spicy punch bursted out. There’s also a noticeable ginger fragrance which kinda reminds me of cola bottles, which I love. I have ginger fragranced shower gel from The Body Shop for the same reason 😉

While the tea is steeping a beautiful almost fruity smell fills the kitchen, perfect on a cold rainy day! I tried this blend with water first and then a second mug with milk, I preferred it with milk. The amount of black tea and spice is just right and it isn’t overly powerful like a lot of masala chai, the Ceylon base is also really flavoursome.


red velvet (web ready)

Red Velvet

I was really excited about this blend, I’m a bit of a red velvet addict and was excited to see if it was deserving of it’s name. The strong berry fragrance that floats out of the packet is fantastic, it also has a slightly minty freshness to it, which is strange as it has no mint ingredients.

This blend produced a deep red colour the second the water was added and the fragrance took on more of a blueberry scent. A strong blueberry flavour was also noticeable in the tea, which is fantastic as blueberries are my favourite fruit! This tea goes a long way and I was able to squeeze a good few servings out of the sample pack. I like that this tea has a lot of flavour but without it being too sharp, I find some fruit tisanes are actually over flavoured.


English Breakfast

Last but not least! English Breakfast is a tea that I find hard to distinguish between different brands but this blend has a really deep malty flavour that’s really moreish. I got a few infusions from one teabag which was cool, this allowed me to try the blend more than once. I never add milk to my tea and found that it didn’t really require sugar either which is always a good sign. English Breakfast from Hope & Glory is a good all round tea that won’t scare off your less discerning visitors like something more exotic might 😉


See Ya!

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below or if there’s any other tea you think I’d like!

I’d like to say a big thanks to Hope & Glory for sending me their tea to try, check their website out.

Bye for now! xXx