T2 Vanilla Flavoured Matcha Review

22nd September 2017


I’ve been working on a flavoured matcha comparison post for the last few weeks that’s growing and growing so I’ve been on the lookout for new flavoured matcha.

A while back T2 launched a few flavoured matchas including cinnamon which I reviewed and added to my comparison. A few weeks ago I posted a pic of my collection on Instagram and one of my followers said there was new T2 matcha flavours. I reached out to T2 and they were awesome enough to send me their vanilla flavoured matcha to review for you guys.

Review Time!

I adore T2’s packaging, everything they sell looks awesome and this is certainly true of the tin for their vanilla matcha. It’s a sleek black tin with a baby pink embossed pattern and a nice double-lock airtight lid to keep it fresh.

The first thing I thought upon opening the tin is how much it smells like cake mixture, like a really sweet cakey victoria sponge kinda smell with a vanilla buttercream hint 😍

The matcha is good quality vivid green matcha, as can be expected from T2.

I was intrigued to see how the sweet vanilla flavouring blended with the matcha and it seriously couldn’t of been better! There’s a slight vegetal hint which I always enjoy from matcha but the vanilla sweetness is heavenly.

The sweet flavour lasts through each mouthful with no bitterness, making this perfect for anyone new to matcha.

I recently popped in to a T2 store to spend a gift card my boyfriend bought me for my birthday and found the perfect matcha accessory. It’s a matcha flask that is perfect to use on the move, due to it’s built in whisk. You simply add matcha, add water, shake and you’re good to go! Since buying this I’ve been drinking a ton of iced matcha and T2’s vanilla matcha is incredible for this ☃️

Final Thoughts

I simply adore this new matcha from T2, it’s one of my favourite flavoured matchas I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried a lot😜). If you’re new to matcha I’d highly recommend this for it’s sweet cakey flavours. If you’d like to try it you can find it on their website or in their stores.

I was really excited to try it as vanilla isn’t a matcha flavour I’ve tried before so I was looking forward to adding it to my comparison post, which you can view here.

A massive thanks to T2 for sending me their vanilla matcha to review, it’s much appreciated 💚

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, come find me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for more tea fun!

Bye for now! xXx

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