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Bluebird Tea Co. Salted Caramel and Ice Cream Matcha Review

19th September 2017

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been having problems with my wrists and as a result not been able to type and have been off work for a while. Luckily I was able to set up Dragon Professional on my Mac so I’ve been able to speak my reviews but had difficulty with the photos, I hope to be back to my normal workload soon.

On to the review! 🙂

I’ve always particularly loved bluebird’s flavoured matcha so I was super excited when they sent me samples of their new salted caramel matcha and ice cream matcha. They were also awesome enough to include one of their new Tote bags and a matcha measuring spoon, which is the nicest I own!

Review Time!

Salted Caramel

The first thing I noticed about this amazing salted caramel matcha is the smell! It has a strong  hit of pure caramel goodness alongside the traditional matcha aroma. I like that the salted caramel flavour doesn’t overpower the matcha flavour like some flavoured matcha, Bluebird always manage to get the balance exactly right. As well as the sweet caramel flavour and the natural matcha flavour there is a subtle saltiness that is the perfect strength.

Ice Cream Matcha

Next up is ice cream matcha, a gorgeous, sweet, syrupy and vanilla flavoured matcha. As always the base is good quality vivid green matcha, which you’ll find across the whole Bluebird lineup. This matcha blends well with lots of froth and really tastes amazing!

The ice cream flavour is stronger than the salted caramel matcha but you can still definitely taste the matcha, which I always prefer with flavoured matcha. The flavour is primarily a syrupy flavour with a nice vanilla ice cream vibe. Another unique and exciting flavoured matcha from Bluebird.

Final Thoughts

I’m always excited when a Bluebird delivery arrives, and this is no exception! I adore their matcha so it’s always nice to try the new flavours and they never disappoint. If you’d like to try these flavours for yourself you can find them on the Bluebird website.

A massive thank you to Bluebird for sending me these new products to try and thanks to all my readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this review!

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Bye for now! xXx

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