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Bruu The Gourmet Tea Club Subscription Box Review

21st June 2017

My obsession with tea subscription boxes has grown a lot over the last few months so I was excited when I found Bruu The Gourmet Tea Club.

I asked if they’d send me a box to review for you guys and they were happy to!

The Bruu subscription boxes are shipped for free and flat enough to slip straight through your letterbox which is super convenient. There’s three different teas included each month, expertly selected from over 1000 blends. Each month is £10 with discounts available if you sign up for multiple months at once and you’ll get up to 40 cups from each box. You can cancel or pause your membership at any time which makes it especially convenient.

I particularly like the transparent Bruu logos on each pack with the tea showing through, adds a nice dash of colour and a peek at the tea inside!

Review Time

Orangey Green

I love the name of this blend and I love green tea so I knew this would be the blend I’d try first! This blend has a classic green tea flavour with a “orangey” twist but I like that the orange isn’t overpowering. Often citrus blends are too citrusy and green tea based teas that are flavoured or blended sometimes lose the green tea flavour.I was pleased to find that Orangey Green doesn’t suffer from this at all, the flavour is predominantly green tea but the orange vibe is definitely there as well.

I’ve enjoyed drinking this in the warm summer evenings recently. It’s perfect to drink once the temperature cools in the evenings, the orange provides refreshment when you need it most! 😀


The Ministers Earl Grey

Earl Grey is one of my least favourite teas, which people are always surprised about because everyone else seems to love it! I’m still always intrigued by Earl Grey’s when I receive them because I always wonder if I’ll find one I love.

The first thing I noticed about The Ministers Earl Grey is how amazingly blue the cornflowers are, they really pop against the black Assam and Ceylon leaves. I couldn’t wait to take my photos and pair them with another vivid colour, I was pleased that the colour comes across well in the photos 🙂

As far as Earl Grey goes this is one of the better ones I’ve tried, I like that the bergamot flavour is a bit more subdued than others, so I could still enjoy the Assam and Ceylon in all their glory. Overall not my favourite kind of tea but it’s super pretty and if you love Earl Grey I’m sure you’ll love this!


Earthy Oolong

I’m a huge oolong fan, it’s one of my all time favourites so I was excited to see an oolong included in my subscription box from Bruu!😃 It’s always a treat to watch the oolong leaves unfurl in beautiful glass teaware, I especially love the golden liquor this tea produces.

The flavour is quite a dry earthy oolong but with an addictive subtly sweet aftertaste that I’ve enjoyed over and over. Oolong lends itself well to multiple infusions, meaning it’s a very economical cuppa. I love how cozy this oolong is, it’s perfect to fill your teapot with and enjoy during a Netflix session!

Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed this subscription box from Bruu, the variation of the three teas was amazing and it’s definitely one of the cheaper tea subscription boxes out there so it’s good value as well. A massive thanks goes to Bruu for sending me this box to review!

If you’d like to try a Bruu subscription box for yourself you can find out more on their website.

Thanks for reading my review, if you’d like more from Russtea’s you can find me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Bye for now! xXx

Black Tea Green Tea Tea Reviews

How Much Do I Love My Blackberry Mallow Forleaves Tea?!

26th May 2015

This week I was lucky enough to receive some samples from Forleaves Tea Company, read on to find out what I think of them!

Forleaves Tea Company is based in Leicestershire. The ethos behind Forleaves Tea Company is to “encourage everyone to take a moment in their day to slow down a little, take time to create something special”, their tea is certainly perfect for this very thing! Forleaves Tea Company is a home based business, which is fantastic and their tea really does have a homely feel to it.

The flavours I received were:

No.27 Blackberry Mallow

No.10 Orange Blossom

No 15 Flower Blossom

No. 10 Lavender White Tea

The package arrived well packed and the presentation of the tea is really smart. Each tea comes in a sealed pouch, which you cut open and then you’re left with a ziplock to seal the freshness in after each infusion. I’m really impressed with the quality of the tea, the leaves are big and they smell fantastic. I decided that these teas are worth a review for each flavour so this will be the first of 4.


Tea Info

Tea Loose

The first tea I’ll be reviewing is No.27 Blackberry Mallow. This blend has a base of Assam black tea and China green tea which are entangled perfectly, the sweetness is thanks to the natural Blackberry flavouring. Forleaves Tea Company describe the tea as being “Malty Assam flavour with a blackberry & mallow sweetness”, sounds like a match made in heaven! They rate it as 5 (strong black tea) which I’d say is pretty spot on, I prefer a weaker amber toned tea so a lot goes a long way.


The flavour

Prepared Tea

As soon as I opened the teas I got straight in to steeping the Blackberry Mallow and WOW the smell blew me away, just gorgeous. You can smell that wonderfully intoxicating smell of good quality black tea but it’s softened by the blackberry tones, I really couldn’t wait to take my first sip. Immediately I tasted the perfect blackberry flavour. When the tea is made to the optimal strength you can almost forget the malty black tea is there because the blackberry is really strong, which is a magical balance.

Forleaves Tea Company suggest adding milk to a stronger cup. I basically never add milk to tea, mainly because I only drink soya and it’s not great in tea, but I could imagine if you were milk friendly it would taste great in this tea.



I definitely suggest you try this tea, I love black tea and the Assam paired with the blackberry is so comforting to drink, like a big hug in a mug! 🙂 If you prefer a more traditional flavour and aim for unflavoured black tea, you might find the blackberry overpowering but that smooth Assam flavour is wonderful. This tea is a fun tea, with the blackberry mallow it’s sweet and doesn’t take itself too seriously, a quality I like in a tea! 😉


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review, if you’d like more tea joy delivered directly to your inbox you should definitely join my mailing list!

I’d like to give a huge thumbs up to Forleaves Tea Company for providing these teas for me to review, check them out and be sure to come back for the review of the other three flavours!

Tried any interesting teas lately? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below 🙂 xXx