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Sick of Your Teabag String Falling In Your Tea? Here’s The Solution!

2nd June 2015

Recently I stumbled upon a simple but fantastic solution to stop the string from your teabag falling in your tea (How annoying is it when that happens?!). The answer to this problem is a nifty little product called Tea Top!

Tea Top is basically a thin piece of plastic that comes in wonderful colours with equally as wonderful patterns. I got in touch with Denise at Tea Top and she sent me a few Tea Tops to try out. I received pink with flowers design, blue with a dotty design and green with a vine like design (I love this last one the most!). The colours are really vibrant and will definitely brighten up any tea session. The quality is superb, they feel really sturdy with nice soft edges, I’m sure these will withstand many of my tea binges!


Tea Top Colours


Tea Top has a slit in one side that runs through the middle, you then slide the string through the slit to the hole in the middle and place the teabag in your mug with the Tea Top sitting across the top of the mug. You can even fold it and squeeze the teabag with it so it doesn’t drip on the dreaded journey to the bin. It’s simplicity is what makes it so great, it also works with practically all of my mugs and they come in ALL sizes. Tea Top wipes dry really easily so is easy to clean between uses, another plus when I opt for a teabag when I’m in a rush!


Tea Top with Teabag

Tea Top in use


I’ve gotta say that they really do solve the problem! I don’t often use teabags, I’m more of a loose leaf kinda guy but I’m often sent samples in teabag form so the Tea Top will definitely be my companion for these times or when I’m feeling lazy/busy as hell!

Tea Top comes all the way from Germany! (one of my favourite countries, oh how I love Berlin<3). You can find them on:





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