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Gifts for Tea Lovers Birthday Special!

9th March 2017

Recently I had my birthday and received an amazing haul of tea related Birthday presents. My boyfriend was lovely enough to give me 30 presents as it was my 30th birthday, so I’ve got quite a few things for this post!

As I hadn’t seen a lot of them before I thought it would be fun to put together a birthday gift post, hopefully it will give you some ideas for gifts for the tea lover in your life 😊

Paper and Tea Humpty Dumpty Sipping Cups

I love visiting Paper and Tea in Berlin, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. It has teaware fit for kings, the quality is incredible and I haven’t really owned anything from there before as a lot of the prices are fit for kings as well! So I was thrilled when I opened these tea cups from my boyfriend, he also included a 50 Euro gift card too 😃 They come in a few finishes and colours but the blue and white crackle have always been the ones I’ve looked at.


Gourmet Flower Kit

I’ve been planning to grow my own edible flowers for a while now, I think they’d be perfect to finish off my tea photos. My mum took note and found this kit, I’m really excited to try it out! You get everything you need to grow 6 different edible flowers, which really takes the hassle out of buying the stuff separately.


Rick and Morty Mug

Me and my boyfriend have been loving Rick and Morty recently and I hadn’t seen any merchandise for it before so this mug was an exciting surprise. It has Rick and Morty on the front coming out of the portal and then on the back they’re going in to the portal.


Tsum Tsum Stackable Cups

Our Tsum Tsum collection is taking over our house at the moment, we’re probably approaching the 200 mark. So this was an obvious choice as a present but one I hadn’t seen before, I definitely would of bought it if I had! Each cup has a different picture, it’s gonna be an exciting addition to our kitchen!


PlayStation Coasters

I’ve been looking at these coasters while out with my boyfriend for months, my Pokemon ones I got for Christmas have soaked up water so they’re due to be replaced. I’ve always loved gaming so these coasters with the PlayStation buttons on them are perfect 😃


Rainbow Bakes Book

I really love baking but haven’t done any for a while now, I’ve been so busy with uni and my business and just haven’t had the time. When I was baking on a regular basis I used to just add matcha to every recipe, you can’t go wrong combining anything cakey with matcha. This Rainbow Bakes book features 40 recipes that are all rainbow coloured, it’s camp, fun and will definitely leave me struggling to resist the urge to add matcha so I don’t turn everything Green! 😊


LSA International Circle Tea for One

I’ve been wanting a nice convenient tea for one set for every day use, that can basically live on my desk. This is the perfect product to fulfil those needs, because it only has the footprint of a cup so it will conveniently sit anywhere where space is limited (I should probably just tidy my huge desk!😳)


Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug

We’re huge Star Wars fans,mainly the original three, so I often receive Star Wars presents. I’ve been wanting this mug for aaages, because it has special powers! When it’s empty the mug shows the handles of all of the lightsabers but when you add hot water they all light up! These mugs often don’t work very well as you can often see the outline of what will appear before you’ve added the water but you can’t at all with this mug. My mum thought this would be the perfect present for a geeky tea lover, she sure was right!:D


T2 Pearly White Ink Teapot

I adore T2 Tea! Their tea is phenomenal, as is there teaware. Recently I caved and bought a new T2 teacup and saucer that I’ve been wanting for months, it’s perfect for photos and a joy to use. As it was my 30th birthday my mum went all out and surprised me with the teapot to go with the cup and saucer! The quality is outstanding, blue’s my favourite colour so it’s a great choice, the finish on the pattern is stunning. It’s pretty much my dream teapot, looking forward to many tea sessions with this beauty!



Whittard of Chelsea Lucy Yellow Fluted Mug

Last up is this super cute Whittard of Chelsea mug. It’s fine bone china and finished to such a high standard, the whole cup is insanely smooth and glossy. It’s also dishwasher safe which is rarely the case with higher end teaware so it will definitely be in regular use, I tend to shy away from teaware I can’t dishwasher 😛

Thanks for Reading!

I hope this post gives you some inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself 😉

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Bye for now! xXx


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