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Denong Premium Pu-erh Teas Review

18th September 2016

I was contacted a while back by Denong to see if I would like to review some of their tea,  I was really flattered and swiftly agreed!

I haven’t had much Pu-erh tea before so I’ve really enjoyed this experience. Denong sent me 4 different teas to review and although they were all really different, they were all fantastic and have some of the most imaginative names I’ve seen! Read on to find out what I thought.


Enchanting Beauty – 2015 Spring Harvest

This tea has a nice delicate flavour with sweet floral undertones that are followed by quite a dry, slightly bitter taste which blend well with each other. The slight dryness was much appreciated as it made this tea thoroughly refreshing, it was actually really hot here when I was drinking this tea so this worked out well!

I particularly enjoyed the smell of this tea, perfect to get lost in and to forget about the stresses of life, quite enchanting as the name suggests😛 The second and third steeping of this tea caused it to lose it’s bitterness leaving just a delicate sweetness that lightly danced on my tongue.


Ginseng Scent Ripe Pu-erh – 2005 Spring Harvest

This tea was the most fragrant of the four teas but the smell very very slightly reminded me of fish before I prepared the tea but this was completely removed once it had been rinsed. Ginseng Scent Ripe Pu-erh produces a beautiful amber liquid when prepared and was the most economical of these Denong teas.

The flavour was deep and complex with a hint of sweetness and a pleasing zing, which I found perfect for curling up with for a Netflix session!


Denong Ripe Pu-erh – 2004 Unknown Harvest

Denong Ripe Pu-erh has the darkest appearance of the four teas and was the one that had the most intact pressed tea from the cake.

The tea produces a dark orangey brown liquid with an equally deep malty flavour. The most enjoyable aspect of this tea occurs when you’ve swallowed, as an addictive sweetness flows round your mouth, this is one quality that really separated this from other Pu-erh tea I’ve tried.


Elegant Tranquility – 2015 Spring Harvest

I’ve saved the best until last with this one! Elegant Tranquility not only has the most awesome name, but also the most awesome flavour! It has a deep naturally sweet flavour to it, which was really moreish and has kept me going through many busy work days since it arrived!

This tea is crazily economical, as most Pu-erh tea is but you really do get a lot of infusions from this. The first steeping is by far the sweetest of the bunch but the array of flavours with each subsequent steeping is amazing and it really takes you on a flavourful journey. The sweetness fades with each steeping but the tea is never lacking in character. If you decide to venture in to the world of Pu-erh tea with Denong I definitely recommend including this tea in your order 😊

Closing Words

Overall I’ve loved my time with these Pu-erh teas from Denong and I’m amazingly grateful they sent them all this way for me to try 😊 I hope they’ve enjoyed reading my review and all my readers have too!

You can find Denong here, they also have an incredibly informative blog that’s well worth a read, especially if you’re new to Pu-erh.I highly recommend checking out their Pu-erh tea, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. They have a Pu-erh tea sampler which is a perfect place to start if you’re new to Pu-erh and would like to try a collection of different Pu-erh.

As always you can find me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions or you love tea as much I do and would like to chat! 😊

I’d love to hear any recommendations for tea I should try in the comments below!

Bye for now! xXx