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White Chocolate & White Tea? Yes Please!!

29th April 2015

Yesterday I had a wander round Whittard of Chelsea looking for something new and exciting. I’ve been loving the originality of the flavours from Bluebird Tea Co. but mainly just bought fruit tea in Whittard’s, which is awesome but I’ve got soooo much fruit tea!

So I saw white chocolate, obviously a winning ingredient, paired with white tea. I wondered how the sickly sweetness of white chocolate would pair with tea but it’s perfectly blended with the delicate flavour of white tea. The smell is incredible, as soon as the shop assistant poured the tea on to the scales it smelt like we were in a chocolate shop! 😀

I always find that Whittard’s tea lasts a long time and this is really true with this tea. To avoid too much of a tang from the white tea, you want to have this tea quite weak and also use 80 degrees water instead of boiling (otherwise the white tea gets burnt and bitter!).

This tea is great when you’re craving something a little naughty, I had my first mug alongside some chocolate fudge from The Fudge Kitchen so mine was a lot naughty (Shhhh!).

If anyone can suggest any other tea that’s a little different in the comments below I’ll be sure to take the plunge and review it <3

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