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Tea Reviews White Tea

White Chocolate & White Tea? Yes Please!!

29th April 2015

Yesterday I had a wander round Whittard of Chelsea looking for something new and exciting. I’ve been loving the originality of the flavours from Bluebird Tea Co. but mainly just bought fruit tea in Whittard’s, which is awesome but I’ve got soooo much fruit tea!

So I saw white chocolate, obviously a winning ingredient, paired with white tea. I wondered how the sickly sweetness of white chocolate would pair with tea but it’s perfectly blended with the delicate flavour of white tea. The smell is incredible, as soon as the shop assistant poured the tea on to the scales it smelt like we were in a chocolate shop! 😀

I always find that Whittard’s tea lasts a long time and this is really true with this tea. To avoid too much of a tang from the white tea, you want to have this tea quite weak and also use 80 degrees water instead of boiling (otherwise the white tea gets burnt and bitter!).

This tea is great when you’re craving something a little naughty, I had my first mug alongside some chocolate fudge from The Fudge Kitchen so mine was a lot naughty (Shhhh!).

If anyone can suggest any other tea that’s a little different in the comments below I’ll be sure to take the plunge and review it <3

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Tea Reviews White Tea

Bluebird Tea Co. Have Made Liquid Candy Floss!

22nd April 2015


A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend decided we’d like some time away in Brighton (something we often decide to do). While wandering down Gardner Street we saw Bluebird Tea Co. and I’m so glad we did!

The Shop

Inside Bluebird Tea Co. I was greeted by one of my favourite sights, a wall of tea. what could be better?

I bought three flavours in the smallest size which is 20g. I always appreciate a tea shop that is happy to sell their loose leaf tea in small amounts, Bluebird Tea Co. KNOW you’ll be back!

Liquid Candy Floss

I’ll be reviewing all three flavours in the coming weeks but first up is Candy Floss. When I saw it on the wall I instantly decided I needed a candy floss flavour drink in my life, who wouldn’t want that!?

This tea is SWEET, it’s Chinese white tea which has a delecate flavour and blends beautifully with the sweet sugary flavour. I don’t know how they do it but this tea really does remind me of candy floss!

Bluebird’s candy floss tea is perfect for those times when your sweet tooth is craving something a bit naughty. This tea is sugary sweet and will satisfy your sweet tooth, without the guilt that follows after chocolate (my favourite food in the world!).

Final Words

I really wish I got some Strawberry Lemonade as well as it looks lush, hopefully I’ll get some soon and be sure to let you guys know how it tastes!

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Find Out Why Tea People’s Tropical Burst Was My Biggest Surprise At VEGFEST

15th April 2015

Recently I attended VEGFEST in Brighton with my boyfriend, I’m vegetarian and he’s vegan so it’s quite a heavenly event with a ton of free samples. I expected to only find vegan food but I was joyfully surprised when I stumbled upon Tea People.


Tea Peoples inspiring ethics:

Tea People are a great company that donate 50% of all of their profits to educational and social projects in underprivileged tea growing areas. So even if the Tea was average it would be worth buying to help a good cause. Tea People’s tea is far from average!

I bought 5 flavours which I’ll be reviewing over the next few weeks as I get a chance to taste them all a few times. I decided to go with their Tropical Burst flavour first.


The Flavour:

Tea People’s Tropical Burst is an all fruit caffeine free blend which primarily tastes of Mango. Immediately upon opening, the mango smell really does “burst” from the packet. You know the tea is high quality by the size and quality of the enclosed fruit.

As I made my first mug of Tropical Burst I waited in anticipation for the kettle to boil, as soon as I poured the boiling water in to the mug I knew it was something special. The taste is sweet but not sickly sweet, the mango flavour feels almost smooth like mango juice. To balance the sweetness of the mango there’s a slight spicy taste that lingers in the background, offering a comforting warmth.


Bang for Your Buck:

A little goes a long way with this tea, half a teaspoon for 5-7 minutes and you’re good to go. If you’re using a teapot or flask that allows the fruit to continue to infuse, the yield per teaspoon will be even better.


What I LOVE:

What I love about Tea People is not only their ethics, but most of all the taste! I also like that small tester packs are available on their website so you can try the flavours without investing in a whole box, a sure sign of their confidence in their product.

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MIU COLOR Glass Tea Infuser Bottle Review

8th April 2015

My never ending search for the perfect all in one tea infuser has continued, with my recent purchase of this tea infusing bottle from MIU COLOR.

The bottle arrived really nicely packaged and complete with the black neoprene sleeve and two cleaning sponges. The cleaning sponges are fantastic and really speed up the cleaning, the bottle is also designed to enable easy cleaning as the top and bottom can be removed, allowing the water to run freely through the glass chamber.

I love the quality and overall feel of the MIU bottle, the glass is thick and the brushed steel effect on the bottom and lid has a luxurious feel. The infuser is also great and really fine so you never end up with any bits floating around in your blend. The zip on the neoprene sleeve making the bottle super simple to insert and the non-slip rubber bottom of the bottle both add to the premium feel.

To use the bottle you simply unscrew the bottom of the bottle and lift out the infuser, fill the infuser and then screw the bottom back on with the infuser inside. The bottle can also be used without the infuser for any beverage you like. You then unscrew the lid and add the water and the flavour is infused in to the water. You can flip the bottle upside down with the lid on and undo the bottom and remove the infuser once the tea is your desired strength or you can leave it in and use less tea! The top and bottom have rubber seals so the bottle is totally airtight and I couldn’t imagine it ever leaking.

Although this bottle isn’t double walled like some of my other tea bottles, the neoprene sleeve still keeps the contents warm a long time, without losing the extra capacity that you do with double walled bottles.

The only downsides of the bottle are it that there are quite a lot of parts which can make dismantling and refilling it a bit of a fiddle. Also the solid construction of the bottle does mean that it’s quite heavy, this could make it troublesome if you often carry your bottle out and about.

I bought my MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle from Amazon 🙂


Overall I would say the MIU COLOR Tea Infusing Bottle is one of the best I own. It’s style and quality is fantastic and it’s really enjoyable to use. If you like to carry your bottle around you might like to look for a lighter bottle and consider a double walled bottle to keep your tea warm for longer. If you mainly need a bottle for home or office use then this is probably about as good as it gets!

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